Great Canadian Dollar Store - IS THE STORE CLOSING ?

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I had done most of my shopping at the GCDS, till I had recently gone there on Sunday and they were closed at 2pm and a sign on their window stating all week they will be closed at 7:30pm.on Monday they were closed 2-4.

Store hours are till 9. ARE YOU CLOSING DOWN. This is happening more and more. Every time I have gone there in the last week to shop they have been closed, along with numerous people havequit shopping there due to a new Dollarama that just opened down the street.

GCDS is losing business !If they cant maintain their store then you shouldn't have one.

Great Canadian Dollar Store is a run by *** artists!!

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My family owns one of these franchises.The CEO "Jerry Russ" and franchise rep "Ken Ryan" opened up a store three time larger than ours right down the street without telling our family.

This franchise is run by immoral and unethical people that take a percentage of your earnings and do nothing to help you. Beware of this franchise and don't invest with these *** artists as they will take you for everything you got. Please call Jerry Russ and Ken Ryan and let them know that they are dirtbags for trying to put their franchisee's out of business.

For more info go to and the main office is in Sidney Victoria.(250) 388-0123.

Review about: Jerry Russ And Ken Ryan.



If you are loosing franchise does not want anything to do with you. They are bunch of *** artists.


They are bad news.Stay away.

I lost my entire savings.Frachise encouraged me to open store at wrong location.


This franchise only cares about their pocket. They abandon weaker stores. They have bankrupt number of stores.


This franchise only care about themself.They open up stores in wrong location and bankrupt people.

Dollar store in surrey, Langford victoria and etc.Beware of thugs.

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